Training courses

Online or onsite training courses demonstrate through interactive and innovative methods and the main factor in developing competitive R&D and production is the training of polymer engineering and/or polymer scientists' specialists with intellectual and creative capabilities. The proposed training courses (workshop), based on the combination of two areas of training (economics and polymer engineering), provides training for highly qualified specialists in the field of polymer chemistry and engineering. Its effectiveness is confirmed by the high demand for the management of the chemical, polymer, plastics and elastomer industry, improving the skills of their employees, student and/or scientists in these programs. The methodology for constructing the educational program and the organisation of the educational process is in close cooperation between the university and industry.


Instructor-led live Polymer (online or onsite) coaching courses demonstrate through interactive hands-on practice how to use Polymer is to build applications via polymer components. This training is designed to support people working with plastics, high tech and rubber materials, enabling them to make skilled, informed decisions when developing products. Online live coaching is carried out by way of an interactive, remote desktop. Onsite live polymer coaching can be carried out locally on customer premises in Australia or in selected corporate coaching centres around the world.

Production Line

We may help those who are interested in investing and set up a production line. As a consultant and contractor, we know how a piece of equipment or an industrial consumer good should be, and what features it should have to meet the correct process requirement. Our highly skilled and motivated Research and Development team have developed numerous customised products and can provide you with a proposal to meet your direct needs.