Aerogel Blanket

aerogel blanket insulation Nanostructured blanket aerogel thermal insulation has been prepared by modifying glass wool and then synthesizing silica aerogel on glass wool bed in dimensions of 30 * 30cm and its thermal conductivity has been investigated. The results of the thermal conductivity analysis test showed 0.03w / km. Thermal conductivity has been improved with fiberglass 0.04w / km. The results of bet analysis have also shown that the pore size is about 6 nm and the surface area of ​​the modified aerogel is 933 cmg-1 in ambient conditions. The results show that these nanostructured aerogel structures can be scaled. Industrial and contracted for a variety of applications
- Thermal insulation in aerospace, transportation, industrial equipment, power generation, fire protection, Prevents heat transfer through radiation, does not produce smoke or chemical pollutants due to direct flame exposure, flexible, easy to use, hydrophobic with water vapor permeability.