About Us

Dr. Peyman Ezzati Founder & CEO
Dr. Mohammad Reza Alizadehfard Co-Founder

Dr. Compound is a new Australian startup in the field of polymer industry innovations. Relying on the industrial and academic experience of its creator.

Dr. Compound helps the industry to think, participate, come up with ideas and design a new polymer product. Dr. Compound started his work by designing, training and manufacturing elastomeric compounds, then by attending the field of thermoplastic elastomers, he also designs the compounds of this section. In his development horizon, Dr. Compound intends to industrialize biocompatible polymer compounds with new innovations.

We look forward to be part of the solution.

From the moment I entered college to become a Polymer Engineer, I have always wondered what my day job as an Engineer in a factory or company would be after graduating. 
I was of the understanding that every factory that is set up, no longer needs to do formula work every day because all formulas are designed. Even controlling the daily and direct quality of the product is so common that an operator can do it, and the requirement for an Engineer may not be needed. So what would be my role as a Polymer Engineer?
As I continued to study and increase my knowledge in Polymer Engineering, as well as working in the polymer industry, I came to the conclusion that most manufacturing plants, even large assemblies, are operating according to a specific procedure. People within the organization have a daily routine of doing a repetitive task every single day, even if there might be a more  effective and efficient way of doing it.
Many factories/companies are not willing to change that procedure, even if it is not correct. However, they may be willing to make small changes to the management of procedures and projects that have very little risk.  Now this change can be product design, process design, rearrangement of organizational processes, and finally streamlining and reducing production costs and increasing production capacity.

After various consultations with over 200 companies, I entered the field of CEO coaching. In this area of industrial coaching, we work alongside the CEO and examine the entire organization under its auspices. Where the organization has stagnated and caused the whole organization to move slowly, we identify and rearrange it.

In this way, and with this strategy, I realized that engineering work means teaching new methods of management and implementing it based on the ‘maturity’ of the organization. Maturity of the organization meaning the degree of tolerance for acceptance of change by the CEO, senior managers, middle managers and workers of that organization.
Following this procedure, I slowly started working in industrial coaching. In addition to coaching industries, I was able to develop and run a specialized training course as a workshop and seminar for engineering knowledge and the people of the organization.
As Dr. Compound is steadily growing in startups in training and coaching, we also continue to attract research and development projects for new products including the design and operation of factories producing polymer parts.

With all of this expertise in designing, training and producing polymer parts, Dr. Compound is at the forefront of teaching its customers training services, coaching, research and development, factory design and agility.
                                                                                                          PEYMAN EZZATI 2022


Our mission is to be able to produce new knowledge, technology transfer, training and industry consulting to produce innovative environmentally friendly polymer products


Our vision is change beliefs about producing innovative polymer products to protect the environment and strive to recycle polymers.